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CNC - which stands for Computer Numeric Control

CADD SCHOOL is the best Mastercam training centre provides industrial based standard training in Chennai, India. CADD SCHOOL providing industrial based training with placements, online exams, free students version software who take up international certificate in Chennai, India. In modern CNC systems, end-to-end component design is highly automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The machines are used to shape and cut precision products such as machine, car, and aviation parts.


 Introduction to CNC machines

 Types of CNC Machines & Machine setup

 Milling machine

 Turning machine

 Tool selection for CNC

 Fundamentals of CNC Programming

 G-Codes & M-codes

 Axis Absolute method & Incremental method

 Canned cycles

 Toolpath programming in Milling

 Facing, Contour ,Pocketing, Drilling

 Toolpath programming in lathe

 Turning, Facing, Threading, Grooving

 Stimulation software training