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CATIA - which stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional InteractiveApplication

CADD SCHOOL is a best catia training centre in Chennai, India. CADD SCHOOL providing component basedcatia training centre in Chennai, India. CADD SCHOOL trainers are well professional and training in Chennai, India. CATIA provides a wide range of applications for tooling design, for both generic tooling and mold & die.Catiaprovides easy to use solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises as well as large industrial corporations in all industries. More than 80,000 customers around the world have already used catia to gain a competitive advantage.

Sketcher workbench:

Introduction & Understanding to Catia Concepts

 Feature based concepts

 Parametric concepts

 Associative concepts

Creating Sketcher Geometry using Sketcher Toolbars & customization toolbars

Part design workbench:

 Sketch based features

 Dress up & Transformation features

 Surface based features

Assembly workbench:

 Top down & Bottom up assembly

 Product structure tools

 Assembly constraints

Drafting workbench:

 Creating drawing views

 Adding dimensions and annotations

 Bill of materials (BOM)

Sheetmetal workbench:

 Generative Sheetmetal design

 Creating swept wall& Rolled wall features

 Bending, Cutting & Stamping

Surface workbench:

 Generation of wireframe and surface design

 Creation of surfaces

 Sweep and Blend surfaces